How to Get Started in Sportswriting

Sports writing is a challenging genre that requires a writer to have extensive knowledge of a wide variety of subjects. Aside from the facts and figures, writers must also be able to convey emotion through compelling interviews and descriptions while presenting objective statistics in an accessible manner.

One of the hardest aspects of sports writing is getting your foot in the door, especially if you’re a newcomer to the field. However, it’s possible to excel at sportswriting if you put in the work.

Getting Started

Start by choosing your sport of choice. While a lot of writers like to cover a range of sports, it’s often best to start with the one that you know the most about. This can help you develop a strong rapport with readers and make your sports articles a lot more interesting to read.

The Most Important Parts of a Successful Sports Article

The most important part of any sports article is the lead. A good lead should be a concise, creative paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention by describing a scene or using a clever quote.

It’s also a good idea to write a sub-heading. This will let your reader know what they’re getting into and helps prevent them from skimming through your content.

The most important thing to remember when writing a sports article is to take the time to research your subject. This includes asking questions that are designed to elicit the most relevant and exciting information from your subject. The most interesting facts will be the ones that your audience will be clamoring to hear.